COVID-19 Response

Looking to purchase disinfecting supplies and buy face masks locally and from a reputable medical supply company?

If you need masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, pulse oximeters, etc., we do have these products in our retail store. Nevertheless, we advise that you call beforehand to make sure we have what you need in stock.

Our availability changes from day to day. However, here is a list of many of the items we often have in stock:

KN95 masks

surgical masks

hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer wipes

bleach wipes


face shields

pulse ox meters

(Again, please call about availability of these and other medical supply items.)

A2Z Home Medical Supplies has put these procedures in place. You can safely buy face masks locally along with your other medical supply needs.

Our store is set up so that each morning, before customers arrive, surfaces and objects are disinfected. All staff serving customers wear face masks. Pens and other utensils are cleaned in between each transaction. Additionally, only two customers are allowed in at a time. After entering, the customer remains in the front area of the store. We work to continue great customer service while providing you with a quality store where you can buy face masks locally along with your other medical supply needs.

Do you want to know more about A2Z and our company’s promise to serve you? Well, you can read more about us here.

Also, if you have time, be sure to read these guidelines for staying safe during the current pandemic.

    • Call us anytime to find out is we have what you need in stock!

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